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Dr Jennifer is a Private owned abortion clinic licensed by the South African Department of Health as a Diagnostic and Treatment Center dedicated to providing quality reproductive health care. In addition to comprehensive gynecological services, we have been leading providers of high-quality abortion care since 2008. We are known to medical providers, both across the country and internationally, as being a leader in women’s reproductive healthcare, including abortion clinic services. Our highly skilled staff is trained to assist you through a safe, comfortable, and compassionate visit at our state-of-the-art, attractive, and therapeutic space.


Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion Care at Dr Jennifer Abortion Clinic is: Safe – Our doctors are very experienced, and many are female. They use the best and safest abortion methods available, and the Medical Center has won high ratings for safety and care. Private – Your abortion care, your concerns and all your personal information will be kept completely private. Available when you need it – There are no waiting periods, age restrictions or permission needed from parents or partners. Affordable –Dr Jennifer Abortion Clinic offers free abortion pregnancy testing and financial help is available where you may qualify for a no cost medical abortion. You can apply for Emergency Medicaid in our office for an abortion that day. All insurances are accepted, and reasonable self-pay plans are available. We work with Abortion Funding Sources to make sure no one will be turned away. Call us for more information. Your Choice – Your questions and needs are our priority. Licensed clinical social workers will meet with you to discuss all your concerns. Have questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or chat with one of our representatives.

Surgical Abortion

SURGICAL ABORTION There are different surgical abortion procedures and the method used depends on how long you have been pregnant and your personal choice. Surgical abortions are performed as a day-care procedure so you will not have to stay in the clinic overnight. Discharge times differ depending on the length of the pregnancy and on the anaesthetic used. SURGICAL ABORTION – LOCAL ANAESTHETIC (MVA) This procedure is known as a Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and is recommended for women who prefer to be awake throughout the treatment and whose pregnancy is up to 10 weeks in gestation. Gel is applied to the cervix (neck of the uterus) to help numb the area before a local anaesthetic is injected. The cervix is then gently stretched using dilators and the contents of the uterus are removed through a suction tube. The procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes to perform and you are able to eat and drink as normal up until the time of treatment.

Abortion Counselling

ABORTION COUNSELING – GROUP or PRIVATE We are pioneers in the field of Abortion Counseling and take pride in our early recognition of the vital role that good counseling plays in emotional and physical recovery of abortion patients. Counseling is a discussion of the feelings and concerns expressed by you, our patient, which may include help with decision making and contraceptive choices, values clarification, and medical education about the medical and surgical procedure. Female counselors, trained in women’s health and crisis intervention will answer all questions and discuss any personal issues determining a patient’s decision. Parental or spousal consent is never required. You are assured that your privacy is completely guarded and the physicians and their assistants maintain strict and total confidentiality. During the counseling session, we will tell you all about the risks, benefits and possible complications of abortion. We make sure that you understand your decision, that your decision is uncoerced; and that you are prepared to have an abortion.

Other Services

First Trimester Abortion, Second Trimester Abortion. Private Abortion. After Abortion Care. 

Questions And Answers

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